My Laser Vision Correction

29 04 2009

Laser Vision Correction
I have been wearing glasses since I was in 10th grade to see far things more clearly. Recently I have been thinking of having laser vision correction and been to a few doctors for consultation. And guess what … I got all confused!!! In the beginning I thought laser vision correction was all the same and I just needed to carefully choose a doctor who had the most procedures done. But as I went to three different doctors, and they are using different technologies, I started to get confused.

First I went to Gotham Lasik and met Dr. Brian Bonanni; the office was the nicest and quietest (I was the only patient there), and also cleanest. Dr. Bonanni was also very nice. He uses some technology called Allegretto Wave to do LASIK surgery. The cost to do the treatment from him would be almost $5000. Seemed kind of expensive to me; plus I wanted to check with some other doctors first before making the final decision.

Then I went to Manhattan LASIK Center (MLC) for a consultation. This place seemed very busy (like to mention that they have ad on newspaper saying $399/eye). When I went there, I even saw a woman in the office who had done the surgery a day before, and she was fine and smiling. Looked promising to me πŸ™‚ . They did the test, and the finance guy told me the cost of the surgery would be $3000. I was like wow! Sooo cheap (even though I was not getting the $399/eye advertised deal). Then when I met the doctor, he told me I was not qualified for LASIK, but he would do LASEK on my eyes because my cornea is too thin for LASIK. Confused because Doctor Bonnani never told me I was not qualified for LASIK and he was going to do the LASIK on me 😦

Then I went to another place called Park Avenue Laser Vision to clarify if I really did not qualify for LASIK; but this place only does LASEK and was very expensive (also a 5k), and they use the same laser technology as the Manhattan LASIK Center (VISX STAR S4).

Now there is more confusion: (1) why Dr. Bonanni at Gotham Lasik told me that I qualified for LASIK when the doctor at Manhattan LASIK Center said I did not because I had too thin cornea; (2) Dr. Bonanni’s office says their technology (Allegretto Wave) is newer, safer, better than VISX STAR S4 used in MLC when MLC claims that their technology is better, safer, more accurate, and so on.

With having a full time job, I can’t go to too many places for consultation. I will update my status on this when I make up my mind … Anyone giving me any suggestion would be highly appreciated!

Update (05/01/09): with all the confusions and everything, I have decided not to have the surgery at this moment; may be within a few months or a few years or so.

Update (06/02/09): I had the procedure (customvue PRK or LASEK) done at Diamond Vision on Saturday May 30th; the total procedure took only about 2 minutes per eye, and was totally painless both during and after. I took complete rest on Saturday and Sunday. I felt a very small amount of pain and a foreign body sensation in my eyes on both days. Yesterday (Monday) when I woke up, I felt no pain at all, and I came to work also. But I could not read clearly. But today I can read clearly and feeling very happy. πŸ˜€

Update (06/12/09): The contact from PRK was removed on June 5th; since then I have been feeling some pain in my eyes and having difficulty reading. Still my up close vision is very blurry. Doctor said it’s normal; but I am not sure how long it will be like that. I hope soon I will be able to read again normally!

Update (06/16/09): This is the third week since my surgery; I have been seeing much better this week, especially with reading and using a computer – last week I was not able to read at all; this week it has got much better; still my reading is not perfect, but I can manage to do my work and read an article, etc. now.

Update (07/17/09): Today I had my 7-week post-op appointment with the doctor; she checked my cornea and it looked good. Then she asked me to read from the reading chart and I was able to read even the last line very easily from the chart (which is a perfect vision or 20/20); then she put one line smaller on the screen and guess what, I was even able to read that line as well, and that’s a 20/15 vision (better than perfect)!!!!!! I was sooo thrilled and happy with the result! πŸ˜€ I think this is one of the best decisions I have ever made to get laser correction of my eyes. Now not only that I don’t have to wear glasses or contacts anymore, I even have a vision that is better than perfect! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€




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30 04 2009
Natacha H

I know one of my doctors reviewed your eyes and also told you, you were a candidate for the No-Cut, No flap, All laser LASEK procedure. Due to the fact that you have thin corneas you are not a candidate for the cutting LASIK, however you are a candidate for LASEK and I would love the opportunity to discuss pricing with you a little further. After speaking to my boss, I think we are able to offer you a more attractive price and also help you see 20/20 by the end of the summer! Please give me a call at 212.741.8628.

Natacha Hildebrand
Patient Coordinator

10 05 2009

Just FYI (not to demoralize you or something), LASIK/LASEK has some potential complications too ( Having said that lot of people are thinking about doing it nowadays and I guess the procedures are becoming lot more sophisticated too.

Best of luck.

18 06 2009

Hey Nice to know that you have been seeing better. By the way, how much you finally paid for the process. May allah bless you with better vision.

15 07 2009

Did you do LASEK or PRK? I’m thinking about going to DiamondVision but they told me PRK is best for me. I also saw Dr. Bonani at Gotham and he didn’t say that I needed PRK/LASEK.
How are you doing now? Do you have perfect or near-perfect vision?

22 07 2009

@Gerard: LASEK and PRK both are the same thing; I have a perfect vision now; only during the 2nd week after surgery I was having trouble reading. Other than that I had no pain or any discomfort during or after the surgery and I feel sooo much better about myself now. I think Diamond Vision also charges less (mine was for $2500) and if I have to do the surgery again in the future, they will charge $250 for each eye, which is great! Dr. Bonani only does LASIK; so even if your eyes are not good for LASIK, he will do it.

22 07 2009

@Udashin: I paid $2500 for the procedure on both eyes for custom vue LASEK plus some additional cost for medicine (eye drops, etc.)

15 09 2009

Congratulations on your successful LASEK procedure! I am so happy that you were able to get better than perfect vision. I didn’t know that the recover time for the procedure was so long. I thought you could just undergo the surgery and walk out of the clinic with perfect vision. That was some story, but I’m glad it worked out for you in the end. πŸ™‚

Zooey Lasik Vision Correction Info

18 09 2009

Wow, sounds great! I’m glad for you, but lasers SCARE me (I’m a wimp). It’s good that you got it at your age too, not too young or old. I’ll try and save up for some contacts… EMMA πŸ™‚

27 10 2009

I’m hiding myself first and one things I wanna tell you that you give me “confident”. I’m tired off to wearing glass almost 18hrs or 18.5hrs per day. even, i don’t feel comfort with glass but my nose are too tired and getting spot and eyes are going down. maybe, i’ll contact with you — still i’ve some questions. however, thanks for the share.

5 01 2010

Congrats!!! on your amazing results. I to have had a customized P.R.K. procedure with Diamond Vision (Best decision I ever made) It does make it a little easier that I work here. If anyone has any questions in regards to the procedures we offer ( Some due offer quicker healing times EX: I-Lasik) feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with us to answer any questions you may need. The number here is (800) 984-2020 and my name is Chris Sabo.

Chris Sabo
Lasik Consultant and Tech

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