A Former Colleague’s Wedding

11 08 2008

Yesterday evening I went to attend the wedding ceremony of my former colleague. We worked together four years ago.

When I first received an email from her telling me that she was getting married and she would mail me the invitation card if I was coming. At first I thought: wow! this little girl is getting married!!!! I responded with an yes and gave her my mailing address.

I still could not believe she was getting married. When we were working together, we were both doing our masters in Computer Science major in different universities; but we had a few classes in common and we used to discuss about our classes during lunch; and we had similar personality. After we both left that job, we kept in touch with each other for a few months, and then we lost track of each other.

In the mean time, she grew up a lot! Yesterday when I met her at the wedding, she no longer looked like that little girl anymore; she looked like a grown up, matured young beautiful bride at the wedding. She looked very happy at the wedding. The guy she was marrying, she knew him for a long time.

At first they had the American style wedding ceremony, then they had the Chinese traditional wedding ceremony.

After seeing her I realized how much time have passed, and may be it’s time for me to grow up too 😀



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