Some philosophical thoughts

17 08 2008

There are some people in this world who try to be satisfied with what they are getting and what they already have, and there are some type of people in the world who think they want this thing but when they get it they start to think, no they don’t want this, they actually want something else — this type of people are never satisfied with what they get. People can give big speeches on everything, but we have to look at how much of that they are doing in reality, and we have to judge them based on what they do rather than what they promise that they will do.

A good friend of mine once told me the following:

(1) You should treat people the same way you want to be treated. When you treat someone badly, you are kind of asking to be treated poorly yourself.

(2) God Himself won’t forgive you if you are mean to other people.



4 responses

17 08 2008

I agree with your thoughts.

26 08 2008
Wakas Mir

Nice post..

Your friend is right that when people treat others bad they are asking for it back. But the thing is if we enter that circle we will never make it end, it will keep on going in a big cycle and everyone will be bad to each other.

None of us is perfect so I guess it’s just a matter of luck when one finds good friends or people around you who can push you towards being thankful in each situation 🙂

Good luck

15 09 2008

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18 09 2008

Fahad, get on a plane. I think that’s the only way. These days people dont travel much by ship!

Hope it helps.

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