Today is my Birthday

24 09 2008

I have not posted anything on my blog for sometime now; so I decided to write something on my birthday.

Yes, today is my birthday. So far I have not done anything today that is different from other days. I again came to work late, as usual, at 10:20. I dressed a bit nicer today though at work.

So far my day has been going fine; I got a lot of work in the office, exchanging emails with friends, checking Facebook, a lot of my friends wished me a happy birthday and a happy year ahead on Facebook; I am thankful to all of them for their wishes. Lot of my colleagues also wished me a happy birthday, and I am thankful to them as well. My sister in laws (Bhabi) called me from Bangladesh to wish me a birthday; they also mailed me the birthday cards earlier. My best friend called me at 12 AM to wish me a happy birthday. Some of my friends living in other states also either called me or scrapped me on Orkut to wish me a happy birthday.

My family wanted to arrange a family gathering to celebrate my birthday; but I told them not to do anything special this year.

Yesterday some of my friends took me to dinner; today I am going to have dinner with my two best friends, and on Sunday I will have dinner with another good friend of mine.

I should be very happy on my birthday; and I actually AM very happy today; but sometimes some sad feelings are gathering in my mind today. Is it because of missing of having someone special in my life on my special day?

But other than that, I am very, very happy today. Happy Birthday to me 🙂


UPDATE: My colleagues just surprised me with a surprise birthday party they arranged for me. It started like this: one of my senior colleague came to my desk; he had this usual serious face and telling me: “Mahbuba, can we discuss about something if you have time now?” I said, “Yeah, sure.” He said, “ok, come with me in the conference room” (with his serious face). Then when I went to the conference room with him passing few of my colleagues who are in my group, there were about 20 of my colleagues waiting for me in the conference room and screamed at me saying “Happy Birthday!” And the colleagues who are in my group and I passed them while going to the conference room also joined there immediately (it was all pre-arranged so that I would be surprised). I was so surprised and happy that I felt like to cry. They had a cake for me. I made my wish and cut the cake. The cake was very delicious 😀

Then all of my colleagues came to me one by one and wished me a happy birthday. I am very thankful to my coleagues for doing this surprise birthday celebration for me.

I am thanking my family, coleagues and friends for making me so happy on my birthday!