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My name is Rumana (full name Mahbuba Chowdhury); I originally came from a small and a very nice country called Bangladesh. I came to NY after I passed HSC. I did my undergrad and masters from CUNY in Computer Science major and Mathematics minor. Currently I work as a software developer in Manhattan.

I like listening to the music, reading, writing, thinking, meeting new people, exploring new places, and I LOVE nature. Any natural beauty attracts me a lot! Currently I have a dream of becoming a writer one day. I also like creative stuffs. As a child I used to dream of becoming a scientist like Isak Newton. Reading about and knowing successful people always give me inspiration to become like them and to be successful in what I do and in doing something that brings greater good for the people in the entire world. I will be writing down my life experiences here; hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and thank you so much for visiting my blog!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

If you want to contact me, I can be reached at: mahbuba5@yahoo.com.

“Life is a journey and we learn new things everyday from this journey.”

16 responses

11 06 2008

Where are your life experiences?? Start writing πŸ™‚

24 07 2008

Another Bangladeshi bloggers’ greeting. Hope to see you more frequently!!

24 07 2008

Thanks Tanim. I hope too that I will be more frequent in this blog. And my thanks also to my friend Lipna who got me started with this blog.

25 09 2008

I like the new design of your blog,

keep on bloging

26 12 2008

It was nice to know about ya Rumana, I’ve been to Sylhet once but few years ago … didn’t hav much time to roam around and visit cool places … want to pay a visit again .. sumtime in near future ! take care n keep bloggin. You may consider opening a bangla blog if u don’t hav one.

29 12 2008

Apu happy to see you. I am from Shah Jalal University. Now working at SDSL as a Software Engineer. I would like know about different technologies from you.

1 01 2009

Gr8 job as a Bangladeshi! wish u all the best…Happy New Year!

9 02 2009

Hi, cool site, good writing πŸ˜‰

5 06 2009

i am now very much inclined to read her writings.now desire to make such a things.

12 06 2009

Nice blog!

31 08 2009

Happy to read your experience.Keep on.

5 09 2009

Rumana Apu

I was searching for Bangladeshi bloggers, and found you.
Such a nice blog, and its pleasure to read your writings..

I will be in touch of this blog. thanks for it!

14 10 2009

hei Rumanapu,
waiting for your new post πŸ™‚
it has been so long since your last post πŸ˜•

16 12 2009


It’s a great pleasure to find a Bangladeshi blogger.

Nice job.

Keep it up.

All the best

S.Alam Swapan

22 01 2010

Greetings to you all my friends! I feel so proud when see someone recalling her country from abroad. It s a different feelings! When I was in Bahrain, every single day i missed my country, it’s small, poor but rich in heart, in beauty, the 6 seasons make us very emotional always.
LeI love Bangladesh!

22 01 2010

Thanks for sharing your feelings…

Best of luck

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