Some Movie Reviews

23 12 2008

Today I came to work after three days; I have three days weekend in December (taking every Monday off in December from my vacation as I did not use up all of my vacations allocated for the year and they will expire by end of the year). Anyway, last Friday we had holiday party in the evening at work; so on Friday starting from the lunch break, we all the girls at work were spending time in getting ready, putting makeups, dressup, and hairup for the party πŸ˜€ ; the party was a lot of fun as the people at my work are very nice and friendly.

So, today at work, I got a lot of things piled up; and I am finishing them up one by one, and now taking a break and writing here πŸ˜›

Besides the work party on last Friday, I watched two movies during the weekend. I watched the movie called Bolt in Disney 3-D on Sunday evening in a theater near my home in Astoria with a work friend. The movie was great! I enjoyed every single bit of the movie; it was funny, emotional, and touchy. Also watching it with a close friend added extra charm to it πŸ™‚

I also watched Slum dog Millionaire on Saturday afternoon. The movie was not that great although some of my friends said it was good and funny. It was little bit of like Hindi (Indian) movies style, and I do not like Hindi movies. I personally also do not like any violence and the movie had a lot of violence in it that were very disturbing to me.

I also watched Twilight a few days ago on a lazy Friday when I did not have anything to do after work; so just watched it in the theater near my home; I liked that movie too but not as much as Bolt.

I would recommend Bolt to anyone who wants to have some nice relaxed time to watch a funny and emotional cartoon film.

My San Antonio, TX Trip

23 07 2008

I visited San Antonio (SA) in Texas on Saturday, July 12th to spend a weekend there; I came back to NY on Sunday, July 13th.

The significance of this trip was that it was my first domestic flight trip within the US πŸ™‚ ; yeah sounds a little weird as I am a professional young woman living in the United States (or should I say in NYC) for more than 10 years. I have visited other places such as London, Boston, Washington DC; but this was my first domestic trip within the US that required me to take a plane πŸ˜€

But anyway, my flight from LaGuardia Airport was at 7:40 AM on Saturday morning. I woke up at 5 AM, left home at 6 AM, tried to get a cab but could not get any since they were changing shifts at that time. But I was able to get a limousine instead; it’s this long, black limousine; it was my first time riding on this kind of limousine πŸ˜€ .

I reached at Dallas airport at 10:40 AM; my flight from Dallas to SA was scheduled to leave at 11 AM, but the flight got delayed by 15 mins. So the flight from Dallas left at 11:15 and reached SA at 12:15.

After I reached SA, I went to my hotel room first to freshen up. Then me and my friend went to see the Sea World. The place was huge, but needed a lot of walking and it was too hot and humid. I became tired shortly. They had bunch of great shows, but could not find sits in any of them (it was Saturday and too many people were there on that Saturday afternoon)

Then we went to see the Tower of Americas. It is the second largest tower in the US. Before we went to the top of the tower, we watched a 4-D movie about Texas. When we got into the top of the tower, my friend took me by the corridor where it was so much windy. We could see the entire city. It was already dusk; and the city looked incredibly beautiful.

The next morning I went to the airport and put myself on the wait list for a later flight from SA to Dallas. Then me and my friend went to the River Walk. We ate breakfast there, walked by the river, and then took a boat ride. The ride was sooo nice; but my friend was sweating a lot from the hot and humid temperature πŸ™‚ .

Then I came back to the airport. Since I was on the wait list, so I did not know if I was going to be able to take the flight or not. Finally they called up the names of the people from the wait list; they let 4 people in, and I was the fourth one πŸ˜€ .

So I took the flight back to Dallas. But then I had to go to a different terminal for my connecting flight. So, I took the Sky Link train that connects between terminals. I was alone and I felt little adventurous. When I got to my gate for the flight back to NY, they announced that there was some problem in the airplane; so we had to take a different plane from a different terminal. So, I took the Sky Link again to that terminal and came to the gate for my return flight.

While I was waiting at the Airport, my Boss called (I am an IT professional); he wanted to tell me that there was some problems, but I stopped him and told him that I was at the Dallas Airport. He was, oh wow!

After waiting for a long time, I finally got into the plane. But after we all got inside the plane, they announced there would be a storm in NYC during the time the flight was supposed to arrive; so they would let us know in half hour when we could depart. Half an hour later, they announced they would let us know in another hour. I was like, oh gosh! But anyway, the flight finally departed and they said they would take a shortcut to NY; so we would reach NYC by 12 AM. I was soo sleepy but I could not sleep.

Right before lending, I saw one of the best things in my life: the plane was flying right above Atlantic Ocean, and then once it got into the city, the plane started flying on top of Manhattan; the view of Manhattan from the Airplane at midnight was one of the best things I could ever see. The plane flew on top of Manhattan about 2-3 times, then came to Queens and landed in LaGuardia Airport.

I got off from the Airport; waited in the line for a taxi, and took a cab back home.

Overall it was a great journey. The next Friday before I left office in the afternoon, my boss was asking me, where are you going this weekend? He started jocking with me that he can no longer assume anything about my weekends anymore πŸ˜€