Some Movie Reviews

23 12 2008

Today I came to work after three days; I have three days weekend in December (taking every Monday off in December from my vacation as I did not use up all of my vacations allocated for the year and they will expire by end of the year). Anyway, last Friday we had holiday party in the evening at work; so on Friday starting from the lunch break, we all the girls at work were spending time in getting ready, putting makeups, dressup, and hairup for the party ๐Ÿ˜€ ; the party was a lot of fun as the people at my work are very nice and friendly.

So, today at work, I got a lot of things piled up; and I am finishing them up one by one, and now taking a break and writing here ๐Ÿ˜›

Besides the work party on last Friday, I watched two movies during the weekend. I watched the movie called Bolt in Disney 3-D on Sunday evening in a theater near my home in Astoria with a work friend. The movie was great! I enjoyed every single bit of the movie; it was funny, emotional, and touchy. Also watching it with a close friend added extra charm to it ๐Ÿ™‚

I also watched Slum dog Millionaire on Saturday afternoon. The movie was not that great although some of my friends said it was good and funny. It was little bit of like Hindi (Indian) movies style, and I do not like Hindi movies. I personally also do not like any violence and the movie had a lot of violence in it that were very disturbing to me.

I also watched Twilight a few days ago on a lazy Friday when I did not have anything to do after work; so just watched it in the theater near my home; I liked that movie too but not as much as Bolt.

I would recommend Bolt to anyone who wants to have some nice relaxed time to watch a funny and emotional cartoon film.


Just something …

11 12 2008

It has been a while since I wrote something in my blog. So today I was thinking what to write … There is nothing special going on in my life to write about. But there are lots of things happening around me … The economic crisis, a number of friends loosing jobs, people moving out of NYC (there was a time when people used to come to NYC for opportunities, now it seems to be the opposite); the city is getting too expensive to live in, MTA planning to raise the subway fare by some 23%, and so on. We just had two special holidays (Thanksgiving and Eid-Ul-Adha). My Thanksgiving was great! But I got sick right before the Eid – caught cold and flue; I was looking forward to celebrating Eid with my family as I had the day off from work on Monday; but the flue attacked me on Sunday. I spent the whole Eid day in bed sneezing, itchy throat, fever. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I am getting better now, but I think I might get stuck with the cough for sometime. Anyway, hopefully I can write something interesting soon … This is just a post to keep my blog updated ๐Ÿ˜€

Life is so good

14 10 2008

I haven’t been able to come to work ontime for a while; everyday I am coming to work around 10 AM or later. To bring some changes in my everyday life, I came to visit my sister and decided to stay with her for a couple of days. Today for the first time in a long while, I came to work on time. My sister made me breakfast and tea in the morning; I chatted with her and had my breakfast. I had a good night sleep also. I am sleeping in the same room with my little nephew; so I watch TV with him before going to sleep; he is a funny boy and I watch cartoon and comedy shows with him. Life has got just too good to be true now.

What I did in last winter

10 10 2008

It has been getting a little colder in NYC last couple of days; too bad that summer is coming to an end. Today my work was little lighter than other days in the office. So in the afternoon, I started thinking what I have done in last winter as another winter is approaching and decided to write something on it since my last winter was a lot different for me than any other winters.

The reason my last winter was different because I was able to travel quit a bit. I always have had a dream to travel different places; and I started achieving that dream since last winter and it continued until the summer.

I am going to write about my travel experiences and share with my readers. Here is just a brief description of my trips and I will write more elaborated ones on each trip soon.

Seeing different places started off by visiting the NYCโ€™s famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on December 06, 2007 with one of my college friend. The experience was very exciting. The tree was huge, lots of lightening and statues of angels. Even though I lived in NYC for several years already, this was my first time being to this famous Christmas Tree. My friend showed me around. The place was incredibly beautiful. After seeing the tree, we went to have dinner together and we chatted for hours. We had a great time together; then we took the subway to our homes; my friendโ€™s stop was a few stops before mine; so she got off first and I came home around 11 PM. It was my first time staying out that late at night with a friend in a long time.

My next visit was to the World Financial Center (WFC) in downtown Manhattan on December 28, 2007. I went there to have lunch with a friend I did my masterโ€™s with. We had lunch together, then she showed me the area, took me by the Hudson river; the place was very beautiful, something that any visitor would like to see when they visit NYC.

Then I increased my horizon a bit and went all the way to London to meet with my sister and her family on February 10, 2008. My sister in law (Bhabi) also joined in London from Dhaka at that time. It was my first meeting with my Bhabi, and I met my sister after 12 years and my brother in law (Dulabhai) after a good amount of 20 years; I was a little child when my brother in law saw me last. My two nieces were off from work and school during that time; my brother in law also took off from work. My nieces took me and my brother and my bhabi to all the historic places in London. When I was in London, I felt like I was in a 16th century city, but with all the modern technology in it. The buildings were old but very well maintained, the streets were smaller than NYC streets, the cars were much smaller like classic cars. The cars looked so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ ; I visited a bunch of museums and other places such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Rensington Palace, Trifalger Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Indian City Tooting, watched the theater show called Shadowlands in Novello, went to South Kensington (National Science Museum, British Historical Museum), did some gift shopping, etc. It was a very busy week, and I had so much fun there.

My next trip was in NJ to attend my colleagueโ€™s house warming party on a weekend on Feb 23, 2008. She arranged that party just for the colleagues; she cooked some very delicious food (yammmmy). A total of 5 colleagues from NY went in the same car, and some other colleagues from NJ also joined. After I got back home at night, one of my colleagues called to make sure I got home safe, which was so nice ๐Ÿ˜€ .

After that on one weekend (March 2nd), I went to visit the Met Museum in Manhattan with two friends. Visiting the museum was little boring but at least being able to do something on the weekend made me feel better.

My next trip was to the Atlantic City (AC) with my two college friends: one of them I met after a very long time. First the three of us met at Sunnyside, Queens in the early morning. First we bought the bus tickets, and then went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast while waiting for the bus; the trip was really great. We had so much fun in the bus, we were chatting, jocking, sleeping, reading magazines, watching movie. When we reached AC, we kind of visited every single Cassino there, ate lunch, took lots of pictures, walked by the ocean, took some rides, then came back to the bus in the afternoon. While coming back, everyone in the bus was looking really sad (probably they lost a lot of money there); but me and my friends, we did not play gambling too much; so we were just happy after having a fun trip.

Then I attended one event in Manhattan on a weekend (March 23rd) arranged by a group called Adhunika. I met a bunch of great people in that event and made a couple of new friends there.

Then on March 29th, I went to Boston with my two friends from my masters. That trip was also very fun. I went to NJ to my friend’s house in the morning from NY by NJTransit; I picked up my friend and her car and drove to the other friend’s house. Then the three of us went to Boston. In Boston, the weather was much colder than NY; we went to the downtown area of Boston by the river. The people in Boston seem to be much calmer than the people in NY. We went to Quincy Market. We came back to NY on that night.

These are pretty much what I did in last winter. It was the most active winter in my whole life ๐Ÿ˜€ . Let’s see what I am going to do in the next winter. Hopefully it will be as much fun as my last winter.

Today is my Birthday

24 09 2008

I have not posted anything on my blog for sometime now; so I decided to write something on my birthday.

Yes, today is my birthday. So far I have not done anything today that is different from other days. I again came to work late, as usual, at 10:20. I dressed a bit nicer today though at work.

So far my day has been going fine; I got a lot of work in the office, exchanging emails with friends, checking Facebook, a lot of my friends wished me a happy birthday and a happy year ahead on Facebook; I am thankful to all of them for their wishes. Lot of my colleagues also wished me a happy birthday, and I am thankful to them as well. My sister in laws (Bhabi) called me from Bangladesh to wish me a birthday; they also mailed me the birthday cards earlier. My best friend called me at 12 AM to wish me a happy birthday. Some of my friends living in other states also either called me or scrapped me on Orkut to wish me a happy birthday.

My family wanted to arrange a family gathering to celebrate my birthday; but I told them not to do anything special this year.

Yesterday some of my friends took me to dinner; today I am going to have dinner with my two best friends, and on Sunday I will have dinner with another good friend of mine.

I should be very happy on my birthday; and I actually AM very happy today; but sometimes some sad feelings are gathering in my mind today. Is it because of missing of having someone special in my life on my special day?

But other than that, I am very, very happy today. Happy Birthday to me ๐Ÿ™‚


UPDATE: My colleagues just surprised me with a surprise birthday party they arranged for me. It started like this: one of my senior colleague came to my desk; he had this usual serious face and telling me: “Mahbuba, can we discuss about something if you have time now?” I said, “Yeah, sure.” He said, “ok, come with me in the conference room” (with his serious face). Then when I went to the conference room with him passing few of my colleagues who are in my group, there were about 20 of my colleagues waiting for me in the conference room and screamed at me saying “Happy Birthday!” And the colleagues who are in my group and I passed them while going to the conference room also joined there immediately (it was all pre-arranged so that I would be surprised). I was so surprised and happy that I felt like to cry. They had a cake for me. I made my wish and cut the cake. The cake was very delicious ๐Ÿ˜€

Then all of my colleagues came to me one by one and wished me a happy birthday. I am very thankful to my coleagues for doing this surprise birthday celebration for me.

I am thanking my family, coleagues and friends for making me so happy on my birthday!

Some philosophical thoughts

17 08 2008

There are some people in this world who try to be satisfied with what they are getting and what they already have, and there are some type of people in the world who think they want this thing but when they get it they start to think, no they don’t want this, they actually want something else — this type of people are never satisfied with what they get. People can give big speeches on everything, but we have to look at how much of that they are doing in reality, and we have to judge them based on what they do rather than what they promise that they will do.

A good friend of mine once told me the following:

(1) You should treat people the same way you want to be treated. When you treat someone badly, you are kind of asking to be treated poorly yourself.

(2) God Himself won’t forgive you if you are mean to other people.

A Former Colleague’s Wedding

11 08 2008

Yesterday evening I went to attend the wedding ceremony of my former colleague. We worked together four years ago.

When I first received an email from her telling me that she was getting married and she would mail me the invitation card if I was coming. At first I thought: wow! this little girl is getting married!!!! I responded with an yes and gave her my mailing address.

I still could not believe she was getting married. When we were working together, we were both doing our masters in Computer Science major in different universities; but we had a few classes in common and we used to discuss about our classes during lunch; and we had similar personality. After we both left that job, we kept in touch with each other for a few months, and then we lost track of each other.

In the mean time, she grew up a lot! Yesterday when I met her at the wedding, she no longer looked like that little girl anymore; she looked like a grown up, matured young beautiful bride at the wedding. She looked very happy at the wedding. The guy she was marrying, she knew him for a long time.

At first they had the American style wedding ceremony, then they had the Chinese traditional wedding ceremony.

After seeing her I realized how much time have passed, and may be it’s time for me to grow up too ๐Ÿ˜€