What I did in last winter

10 10 2008

It has been getting a little colder in NYC last couple of days; too bad that summer is coming to an end. Today my work was little lighter than other days in the office. So in the afternoon, I started thinking what I have done in last winter as another winter is approaching and decided to write something on it since my last winter was a lot different for me than any other winters.

The reason my last winter was different because I was able to travel quit a bit. I always have had a dream to travel different places; and I started achieving that dream since last winter and it continued until the summer.

I am going to write about my travel experiences and share with my readers. Here is just a brief description of my trips and I will write more elaborated ones on each trip soon.

Seeing different places started off by visiting the NYC’s famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on December 06, 2007 with one of my college friend. The experience was very exciting. The tree was huge, lots of lightening and statues of angels. Even though I lived in NYC for several years already, this was my first time being to this famous Christmas Tree. My friend showed me around. The place was incredibly beautiful. After seeing the tree, we went to have dinner together and we chatted for hours. We had a great time together; then we took the subway to our homes; my friend’s stop was a few stops before mine; so she got off first and I came home around 11 PM. It was my first time staying out that late at night with a friend in a long time.

My next visit was to the World Financial Center (WFC) in downtown Manhattan on December 28, 2007. I went there to have lunch with a friend I did my master’s with. We had lunch together, then she showed me the area, took me by the Hudson river; the place was very beautiful, something that any visitor would like to see when they visit NYC.

Then I increased my horizon a bit and went all the way to London to meet with my sister and her family on February 10, 2008. My sister in law (Bhabi) also joined in London from Dhaka at that time. It was my first meeting with my Bhabi, and I met my sister after 12 years and my brother in law (Dulabhai) after a good amount of 20 years; I was a little child when my brother in law saw me last. My two nieces were off from work and school during that time; my brother in law also took off from work. My nieces took me and my brother and my bhabi to all the historic places in London. When I was in London, I felt like I was in a 16th century city, but with all the modern technology in it. The buildings were old but very well maintained, the streets were smaller than NYC streets, the cars were much smaller like classic cars. The cars looked so cute 🙂 ; I visited a bunch of museums and other places such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Rensington Palace, Trifalger Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Indian City Tooting, watched the theater show called Shadowlands in Novello, went to South Kensington (National Science Museum, British Historical Museum), did some gift shopping, etc. It was a very busy week, and I had so much fun there.

My next trip was in NJ to attend my colleague’s house warming party on a weekend on Feb 23, 2008. She arranged that party just for the colleagues; she cooked some very delicious food (yammmmy). A total of 5 colleagues from NY went in the same car, and some other colleagues from NJ also joined. After I got back home at night, one of my colleagues called to make sure I got home safe, which was so nice 😀 .

After that on one weekend (March 2nd), I went to visit the Met Museum in Manhattan with two friends. Visiting the museum was little boring but at least being able to do something on the weekend made me feel better.

My next trip was to the Atlantic City (AC) with my two college friends: one of them I met after a very long time. First the three of us met at Sunnyside, Queens in the early morning. First we bought the bus tickets, and then went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast while waiting for the bus; the trip was really great. We had so much fun in the bus, we were chatting, jocking, sleeping, reading magazines, watching movie. When we reached AC, we kind of visited every single Cassino there, ate lunch, took lots of pictures, walked by the ocean, took some rides, then came back to the bus in the afternoon. While coming back, everyone in the bus was looking really sad (probably they lost a lot of money there); but me and my friends, we did not play gambling too much; so we were just happy after having a fun trip.

Then I attended one event in Manhattan on a weekend (March 23rd) arranged by a group called Adhunika. I met a bunch of great people in that event and made a couple of new friends there.

Then on March 29th, I went to Boston with my two friends from my masters. That trip was also very fun. I went to NJ to my friend’s house in the morning from NY by NJTransit; I picked up my friend and her car and drove to the other friend’s house. Then the three of us went to Boston. In Boston, the weather was much colder than NY; we went to the downtown area of Boston by the river. The people in Boston seem to be much calmer than the people in NY. We went to Quincy Market. We came back to NY on that night.

These are pretty much what I did in last winter. It was the most active winter in my whole life 😀 . Let’s see what I am going to do in the next winter. Hopefully it will be as much fun as my last winter.

My San Antonio, TX Trip

23 07 2008

I visited San Antonio (SA) in Texas on Saturday, July 12th to spend a weekend there; I came back to NY on Sunday, July 13th.

The significance of this trip was that it was my first domestic flight trip within the US 🙂 ; yeah sounds a little weird as I am a professional young woman living in the United States (or should I say in NYC) for more than 10 years. I have visited other places such as London, Boston, Washington DC; but this was my first domestic trip within the US that required me to take a plane 😀

But anyway, my flight from LaGuardia Airport was at 7:40 AM on Saturday morning. I woke up at 5 AM, left home at 6 AM, tried to get a cab but could not get any since they were changing shifts at that time. But I was able to get a limousine instead; it’s this long, black limousine; it was my first time riding on this kind of limousine 😀 .

I reached at Dallas airport at 10:40 AM; my flight from Dallas to SA was scheduled to leave at 11 AM, but the flight got delayed by 15 mins. So the flight from Dallas left at 11:15 and reached SA at 12:15.

After I reached SA, I went to my hotel room first to freshen up. Then me and my friend went to see the Sea World. The place was huge, but needed a lot of walking and it was too hot and humid. I became tired shortly. They had bunch of great shows, but could not find sits in any of them (it was Saturday and too many people were there on that Saturday afternoon)

Then we went to see the Tower of Americas. It is the second largest tower in the US. Before we went to the top of the tower, we watched a 4-D movie about Texas. When we got into the top of the tower, my friend took me by the corridor where it was so much windy. We could see the entire city. It was already dusk; and the city looked incredibly beautiful.

The next morning I went to the airport and put myself on the wait list for a later flight from SA to Dallas. Then me and my friend went to the River Walk. We ate breakfast there, walked by the river, and then took a boat ride. The ride was sooo nice; but my friend was sweating a lot from the hot and humid temperature 🙂 .

Then I came back to the airport. Since I was on the wait list, so I did not know if I was going to be able to take the flight or not. Finally they called up the names of the people from the wait list; they let 4 people in, and I was the fourth one 😀 .

So I took the flight back to Dallas. But then I had to go to a different terminal for my connecting flight. So, I took the Sky Link train that connects between terminals. I was alone and I felt little adventurous. When I got to my gate for the flight back to NY, they announced that there was some problem in the airplane; so we had to take a different plane from a different terminal. So, I took the Sky Link again to that terminal and came to the gate for my return flight.

While I was waiting at the Airport, my Boss called (I am an IT professional); he wanted to tell me that there was some problems, but I stopped him and told him that I was at the Dallas Airport. He was, oh wow!

After waiting for a long time, I finally got into the plane. But after we all got inside the plane, they announced there would be a storm in NYC during the time the flight was supposed to arrive; so they would let us know in half hour when we could depart. Half an hour later, they announced they would let us know in another hour. I was like, oh gosh! But anyway, the flight finally departed and they said they would take a shortcut to NY; so we would reach NYC by 12 AM. I was soo sleepy but I could not sleep.

Right before lending, I saw one of the best things in my life: the plane was flying right above Atlantic Ocean, and then once it got into the city, the plane started flying on top of Manhattan; the view of Manhattan from the Airplane at midnight was one of the best things I could ever see. The plane flew on top of Manhattan about 2-3 times, then came to Queens and landed in LaGuardia Airport.

I got off from the Airport; waited in the line for a taxi, and took a cab back home.

Overall it was a great journey. The next Friday before I left office in the afternoon, my boss was asking me, where are you going this weekend? He started jocking with me that he can no longer assume anything about my weekends anymore 😀