3 06 2008

Yesterday me and my friend went to watch the movie SATC in Regal cinemas on 42nd street. We bought the tickets on last Thursday (4 days ago). When we went to the theater, we saw on display that the tickets were sold out; we put a smile on our face knowing that we were lucky to have the tickets to see the movie. Some of my friends were also going to watch it in another theater but when they went to that theater, the tickets were all sold out in there too.

Anyway, we met at the spring street station, and we went to midtown and had dinner first; then went to watch the movie; when we went inside the theater, we saw that the movie had already started, and the theater was full; then we checked our tickets carefully and found that the movie started from 7:40, and we thought it was going to start from 8:10.

But anyway, my friend then pulled me out of the theater, and we saw a big line and asked someone in that line what line this was for. She told us it was for SATC, which starts from 8:20. We were like, let’s get in that line, and we did. The theater was on 2 flights up but the line started from there itself. We found good sits when we got in; the movie was simply wonderful. I used to watch the serial, so I bought the tickets at my earliest convenient, could not wait to watch it. The life of those four women in the movie seems so real. The movie ended at 11. I am so glad that I was able to watch it; I am planning to watch it again for the second time in a few weeks.



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3 06 2008

Yes! It was really a good movie and thank god we decided to stand on the other line. Otherwise we would have been so dissapointed 🙂

Nice blog…Keep it up Dear !!

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